La Stazione dell Innovazione | PROJECTS
    • B.A.I.T.A.H. Project: Methodology and Instruments of Building Automation and Information Technology for pervasive models of treatment and Aids for domestic Healthcare.
      PON “Ricerca e Competitività 2007-2013” – MIUR – D.D. prot. n. 01/Ric. del 18.1.2010 – PON01_00980.
    • MET–AAL Project: Methodology and instruments for pervasive model in Ambient Assisted Living
      Regional Operational Programme – “Investing in our future” (Programma Operativo Regionale FESR 2007-2013 Obiettivo Convergenza ASSE I – Linea 1.2 –Azione 1.2.4 – “Investiamo nel vostro futuro”)
      Within the MET-AAL project we are developing a platform capable of supporting , assisting and services for people self-sufficiency issues.
    • T-Fire System Project: Integrated fire extinguisher system on heavy vehicles.
      Programme facilitated by the Ministry of Economic Development within the tendering of Funds for Innovative Technology (F.I.T) applies to D.M. 24/09/2009.
  • H@H eRescue – time is tissue: Mobile intensive care units for field hospitals and disaster zones.