La Stazione dell Innovazione |

La Stazione dell’Innovazione, Item Oxygen Research Institute, accredited by the MIUR, was born in an ancient and historic building of the important reality of the Alta Murgia, Altamura. A leader of creative ideas in which new projects will transit to reach innovation.The path of Innovation we propose has already been undertaken years ago by Item Oxygen with H@H hospital at home, a research project entitled to the regional funding “Aiuti agli Investi- menti in Ricerca per le PMI” (PO 2007-2013 – Asse I) which gave birth to a Telemedicine device for home monitoring. The project has led to the definition of a prototype, from which it passed to a process of industrialization suited to create a certificated electro-medical device and then to national and international marketing.

Our task is to turn your idea into a successful project by putting creativity at the heart of our work and combining it with the technical /scientific rigour required for industrialization of ideas. We seek new market opportunities that give added value to your company effectively mitigating the critical factors of the innovation process by preparing your team to face new challenges.